Your Product's Packaging Is as Important as the Product Itself!

                         The hard fact is that customer will basically comes down to judge the book by its covers if you're aiming to get new customers.                                                                                       Packaging is powerful to tell consumers why your product and brand are different from others.                                                                  With good packaging design even sets the expectation for the price point of your product. 

We are specialised in custom packaging boxes for startup online and all businesses.

The First Step: Tell us which style of box and size you like the most.

                                            The Second Step: Tell us the overall colour and material preferences. Please indicate the colour of the                                                          exterior and the interior of the boxes. Please also tell us if you would like to have ribbons or special elements attached to the boxes.

The Third Step: Let us know at the order quantity for each model of box for a quotation.

Paper Box

Kraft Paper

Card and Kraft Paper

Printed Rigid Box

Velvet Rigid Box

Printed Rigid Box

Fabric Rigid Box

PU Leather Rigid Box

Printed Rigid Box

Fabric Rigid Box

Jewellery Rigid Boxes

Collapsible Rigid Boxes  

Magnetic Rigid Box

Fabric Magnetic Rigid Box

Velvet Magnetic Rigid Boc